Manual Transmission Policy

> To use Swift Remita, you must agree to the updated Terms, which include changes and additions to your responsibilities in Sections 2 and 3 regarding your use of Mastercard on your account for the purposes of withdrawing and transferring funds. This further inquires upgrading your account to our Premium Account Service to utilize our new features, changes to the dispute resolution process in Section 15, including where to send dispute-related documents to our WhatsApp service for rapid resolution. 

>  You must agree to the terms of manual resolution of account malfunctions and charges attached to achieving this process in based of system management and compliance with applicable regulations which occur through malicious and fraudulent activities for their purpose. if that is the only option to resolve system failures in providing proper service, shall be given a charge fee for processing.


> A non bargaining agreement with the system based charges required for User Mastercard/Premium Account holders Management to clear while using our service has an officially recognized to have a  valid figure of value in USD 20000 additional special terms which implies the use of  most appropriate and effective payment methods  for payment purposes to our systems for residents of certain locations visiting have been approved strictly by invitation following our update to the Terms also combines all global versions of the Terms into a single version.

By tapping "Agree", you agree to our updated Terms